Email is under siege by sophisticated attackers using spam, malware, phishing, spear-phishing and whaling for financial gain. Protection must be available from anywhere and on every device.


Corporate information in the form of emails and files must be stored and managed. Administrators need to respond to litigation requests and give employees rapid access to their information, no matter where

they are working.

While the challenges don’t change, an added risk is that organizations are comingled with millions of other tenants on Office 365. Making it a far more attractive target than ever existed on-premises. For administrators, response to email threats is measured in minutes not hours. When a problem occurs, administrators need rapid access to the console to quickly update policies and address problems. In the event of downtime, employees expect to be online


Mimecast Security for Office 365:

Mimecast adds a critical layer of defense to Microsoft Office 365 for enhanced protection against known and emerging threats. With email remaining a primary attack vector, relying on Microsoft security alone gives attackers just one lock to pick and increases your exposure to attack, especially as the adoption of Office 365 grows.


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