About Amazon Web Services

Although Microsoft makes the most popular operating system in the world, and is in the midst of continuously developing its software solutions for a range of purposes, it is not the only company making inroads in this area, especially as the segment gets more and more competitive, and multifaceted.

While it was expected that its Windows for mobile operating software will shake things up in the smartphone world, the software failed to garner significant market share, leaving Android and iOS firmly in command.

Amazing Web Services in Dubai

On the other front, and as cloud computing is concerned, Microsoft is not alone there either. Amazon.com has also joined the competitive crowd, with its own version of a cloud-computing platform, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The services make use of 16 different locations spread throughout the globe, and include Amazon Simple Storage and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

The service has several functions and capabilities, the most noteworthy of which include storage, analytics, application development, management, computing, and databases.

The service is meant to be providing an edge over the alternative method of building a collection of servers, delivering cheaper and more efficient solutions.

Amazon Web Services Pricing

Before availing AWS cloud services in Dubai, a company or a professional ought to understand the cloud-pricing model offered by Amazon, in order to reap the benefits against mainstream server assemblies.

The first model is meant for companies or users that have unpredictable and small-scale requirements, which are open to frequent changes. This option offers paying only for the time and services that are going to be used, described as a pay as you go setting.

Amazing Web Services in Dubai

Enterprise Pricing For AWS Cloud Services

The On-Demand Instances allow paying for usage capacity by the hour, with no preset commitments.

The second option is availing large discounts through the use of Reserved Instances, which gives you the ability to retain a set amount of use for the software system and availability zone you chose.

This option is best for use by companies and users that have fixed needs, adding the ability to save heavily.

For clients that are looking for something in the middle, that is coupling heavy usage with no fixed commitments, while also collecting discounts on the pricing they receive, they ought to chose the market-based model, which also makes use of bids that can significantly lower costs.

This means for those who may run into unforeseen pauses and resumptions, the pricing will allow you to bid for the added capacity you want to use, making it possible to secure the exceeded capacity at a low amount, if the high bid surpasses the stated cost.